Offener Brief nach Korea - Open Letter to Busan College of Information Technology

On june 19th we sent an email to Prof. Hak-Jin Kim of Busan College of Information Technology. He had sent us 23 contributions of his students (dept. Jewelry Design) and himself. You can find all contributions documented in this website.
On our email we got no answer until today. So we decided to publish this email here again. Perhaps he, or his students may read this.
There is still the question Is this the image of Germany in public medias of Korea?
We would enjoy every answer from Republic of Korea.

Dear Prof. Hak-Jin Kim,

we received your package with 21 of your students works and two days later the other two contributions.
We are very honored to find our mail-art theme as part of your students study.
. . .
A big thank you to you and your students for the high quality contributions.
If you find any mistakes in spelling your names, or other mistakes, feel free to mail a correction.

Nevertheless we are a little bit astonished about your image of Germany.
Most of the works contain pictures from a time more than 60 years ago. Is this the image of Germany in public medias of Korea?
The victims of German Fashism will never be forgotten, but times have changed.
3 generations later your works give an image of those 12 darkest years in german history.

All best wishes for you and your students
Ralf + Barbara