The new mail-art project 2006 / 2007 is:

What's your image about germany?

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In the beginning of the year 2006 we sent this card to several international mail-artists, who we know from former mail-art projects.
We hope for many contributions from all over the world.
Beside this card we sent 150 stickers to Ryosuke Cohen to include them in his Fractal BrainCell which he sends periodicly to mailartists.
Brain Cell 645 with our stickers arrived end of April.

Because this project is the first to be a little political, we are looking forward for incoming mail. Maybe the theme sounds a little strange to you, but you are free to work in your own style. May it be political or not political, may it be funny or serious. We enjoy your contributions coming from everywhere.

Mail-art invitations

Because of the financial aspect we will not be able to produce a printed documentation as you know from our former documentations. We plan to produce a PDF-documentation after the projects end in 2007.
And we will show all works on this website in order of incoming and sorted by artists name.

Our previous projects
Beside the new project we will show parts of our 2 previous projects.
This will take some time, so visit this site time by time for changes.

These were our previous projects:

Geschichten von Sternen und vom Mond – Stars and moon (1996)
Life on Mars? – Gibt es Leben auf dem Mars? (1999)

In 2002 we produced a small booklet about mail-art:
When the postman rings… or: how do I declare mail-art to someone who doesn't know what mail-art is?

Both documentations will be available in our Mail-Art shop.